The Big Shack

The Big Shack


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Product Type: Rooftop Tent

Price*: 4.990,00 €

*Prices may vary depending on Location and Retailer.

Introducing the Big Shack, Bushwakka’s Rooftop Tent solution to overall comfort, accessibility and head room!  

Quick and Easy setup for hassle free camping. Featuring an Insulated roof offering great protection from the sun, windows designed to provide amazing views with excellent ventilation, insect mesh on all windows and gas strut assisted double-pop.

Inclusions: 900 Denier Polyester Canvas 7.5cm Memory Foam Mattress with Anti-Condensation Mat 3x Cross Bars for Solar…

Introducing The Big Shack, Bushwakka’s NEWEST Rooftop Tent!

Step into a world of elevated outdoor comfort with The Big Shack Rooftop Tent. Born from a fusion of innovation and luxury, this exceptional abode redefines your camping experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for adventurers who refuse to compromise on style or convenience.

The Penthouse boasts a sleek and aerodynamic profile that effortlessly complements your vehicle’s aesthetics. Its cutting-edge materials ensure durability against the elements, while the thoughtfully engineered setup guarantees a hassle-free installation, allowing you to spend more time soaking in the beauty of nature.


  • 420gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas
    • Standard Grey Canvas
    • Custom Order in Dark Grey (6-8 Week turnaround)
  • 7.5cm Memory Foam Mattress with Anti-Condensation Mat
  • 2x North to South rails suitable for cross bars to be fitted using T-bolts/Channel Nuts
  • Interior Roof-ring Lighting with White & Amber colours
  • Bushwakka’s own magnetic roof mount rechargeable fan
  • USB-A & USB-C interior socket
  • 2x hidden storage compartments in the head unit
  • Ample side storage & shoe storage bag
  • Interior ventilation at the top of the RTT
  • 2.3m Telescoping Ladder with hoot attachment


Packing Size:230×152×36cm

G.W: 140KG

N.W: 110KG

Opening size: 236×144×166cm

Close Size: 236×144×30cm

Thickness: 7.5cm

Mattress material: Memory foam

Mattress cover material: Super soft cotton

Proper care and maintenance of your Awning is essential to ensure its longevity and performance of our products.

To prevent rubbing and damage to the arms and canvas, it is important to properly close and secure the Awning when not in use. 

Before closing your Awning, make sure that the canvas is dry and free of any debris. When rolling up the awning, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage to the canvas (reference our Product Video for correct closure steps).

Regular cleaning and inspection of your Awning will also help extend its lifespan – to prevent surface rust on your brackets, we suggest using a lanolin spray. Additionally, using a canvas reproofer spray will enhance the waterproofing capabilities of your Awning to ensure that it is ready for your next adventure!


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